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Donation Pool, which goes around the community since I'm looking to donate to people who need.

Yes i'm doing more and more the help the SU community atm as you can see form recent activity.

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I'm sorry to anybody who believed in me, but i can only support people now. I just don't have the drive to write like i used to. I guess that drunk driver took more from me then a friend
Shout out for…

:iconakuno-hana: You might not have seen her page but i think more people should.

Her art is very nice, check it out
Will post more of Chaos and the Lost Gems, i'm just dealing with a couple nuisance flies...Will upload asap! also more projects going for other series coming soon.

Star wars, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon atm
Just lost somebody today so if i'm acting weird... here it is

Just as a note, the person who died (was killed) is the original inspiration for my character Diamond...

Diamond was created by this person and i was asked to make a story with her...along with my character Aventurine...
I have to get this out there for me, i dunno if people will care, or even read past the first line. Hell this sentence might even deter them. I wrote this for the people who are losing motivation for their art or writing because people are just being complete jerks. I dunno if it's motivational or anything but i just wanted to say this to get my own peace.

YOU CAN DO THE SAME. If you're feeling like you need to voice something, just say screw whatever negative commenters say and just get your own thoughts out there if this is what you need.


Hey seen a lot of people going through rough times because of what they like, or what they draw, or what they believe in.

Hey look, don't waste time trying to gain approval of everybody. There is going to be somebody out there who will approve of you. But you gotta stay your own course, or the course that you want to go on.

If you want to change, good for you. If you don't want to change, even better. Too many people use the internet for soul searching and then because the internet is often a horrible place it will rip them a new one.

Look, your going to get shit,everybody does. It's because of no accountability. Nobody has to have their post and the people they hurt hanging over their head. It sucks but thats the place the internet ives in and you can't make it a better place. 

If your having fun then keep going, do it for you. Don't give up brain power trying to make everybody happy. Sometimes people won't comment on your stuff, hell some people might not even fave your stuff. But that doesn't matter. If you have a horrible time doing something you hate and get lots of love, then you still fell like garbage. If you do something you love and everybody hates it then at least you had fun you know?

The internet is not the place to look for approval, nor is it the place for you to build up confidence. It can do both of these things but count yourself fortunate when it does. Enjoy the people who enjoy your work, and don't bother fueling the fires of nay sayers. The fuel they feed on is only going to drain you.

People are going to say things, does that mean it hurts less knowing that people are horrible? Nope, but you choose how long it sticks with you. Hide the comments if you really don't like em or it's just a destructive person.

You have to do what you do to keep yourself going. I don't mean be a jerk just to make 
yourself feel better when people give you flak, because then you either start something your not going to be able to finish or you start something that will never finish with you, Trust me the internet is never done.... or you just end up wounding others. 

For those of us Steven universe fans who get shit on because some horrible people said horrible things and became toxic internet people, don't fight to defend yourself. Just lead on by example and stay your course. People are bad not because of WHAT they are (race, gender, religion etc.) people are bad because of WHO they are.

Not all people are the same, and stereotypes suck on all fronts. But you can't solve it by fighting others to defend yourself. Fires only burn when they have fuel. 7 billion people on the planet and maybe 1 million will read a single post or watch a single video a couple of times. That doesn't mean the world is out to get you. 

What i'm saying is, if you like your art then LIKE YOUR ART. If you have fun with it HAVE FUN WITH IT. I know it sucks when somebody gives you a rough time but there are 7 billion people on the planet. Does 1 comment really mean that much? How about 100,000 comments? does 1 million comment matter?...well maybe. But i've never seen 1 million comments so just take what you get and keep going.

My friend died and it sucks to realize that out of 7 billion people on this planet this guy was MY friend. the world doesn't stop for his death even if mine did. Be WHO you want to be because the internet isn't what matters. It's you that has to keep living in the house you built. Not other people hiding behind usernames.
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: Log Horizon Novel
  • Watching: ...T.V
  • Playing: ...minecraft? wish i was playing ff14 or starwars
  • Eating: my bed
  • Drinking: my tears
For anybody who cares, the reason i've been sluggish and have over 9k things in my notifications folder (i promise i will support you all) is because i have litterally gone to about 6 funerals and still counting...THIS MONTH... and i went to two last month so I'm really really just... Paula Depressed Icon  

anyway i'm working on my awesome crossover with :iconchaosphantom444: who really is a cool guy and deserves better then my silence...and my writing depending on who you look at it lol....Mirai Depressed Icon 

After that i plan to do Chapter 19 of Lost Gems, for anybody who cares...(again) The crossovers are cannon to my series. Give them a read they seem to be better then my actual series atm.

After Chapter 19 i plan to do more crossovers WHILE buckling down to finish the series. These are the total crossover list (in no real order)

  • Listening to:
  • Reading: Log Horizon Novel
  • Watching: ...T.V
  • Playing: ...minecraft? wish i was playing ff14 or starwars
  • Eating: my bed
  • Drinking: my tears

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